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Amistad Abroad

We don´t use algo We are people helping people.


 our experiences will amaze you

Amistad was founded by brother and sister, after 16 years of continuos work, the brother passed away and the sister kept the legacy. We have been providing intercultural experiences since 2003.
The mission of Amistad is to provide opportunities for global understanding and respect among the different cultures and countries of the world, and to develop international citizens. To do this, we focus on the cultural and language immersion experience, this includes providing the opportunity of not only traveling to the country, but to get immersed in the language and the culture, and to share with the people.
Even when we are still a small organization, we proudly send around 1000 students abroad per year, specializing in full cultural immersion of the countries where we have programs. As part of our desire to also help the countries, and our strong social call, around 120 different projects and more than 50 families benefit from our programs at the same time that they provide a rewarding experience to our participants.
Our Quarters are located in amazing Costa Rica. We also have Partners - Staff in every country we work, to be able to fulfill our participant's expectations.


We work with different organizations in North, and Central America, get to know a little more about them by clicking on the logo.

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