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October is our Birthday Month

We are 18 years old this year!

Amistad was born in our founder´s heart a long time before he was able to start the organization formally. Marco dreamed about this project where people from all over the world will come to Costa Rica to a fully inmersion program, and to learn and service in various volunteer programs.

But it was in October 2003 when he finally was able to find the right support in his family, and started the business without even having a website, just bringing papers to hotels and hostels in the area.

Amistad operated since 2003 without stoping until March 2020 due to COVID... even when we lost our founder and leader, Marco in November 2019. We started working again as soon as the airports were open in December 2021, and we are just moving ahead, and even offering programs in Guatemala, and Mexico. We will keep Marco´s legacy alive!

So, this is our Birthday Month, and this year we are 18 years old (adults by law in Costa Rica). That is why we want to celebrate with you all, and as gift we are offering a 20% discount in all our programs for the rest of the year. 2021 is a special year for us.

Go ahead and send us an email to come to one of our programs, and be part of our community,

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