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Volunteers Cleaning Beach


Learn a language and Volunteer


La langue apprenant et le Volontaire

Sprachenerwerb und Freiwilliger

L'apprendimento delle lingue e Volontariato


Язык, изучающий и Доброволец


Language immersion abroad

The Language Immersion programs offered by Amistad Abroad are designed to allow you to speak the language as rapidly as possible. At our various language schools, you will have the option to choose from small classes, individual instruction, or a combination of both options. We offer special programs at some of our language schools (Medical Spanish, Spanish for Teachers, Legal Spanish, and others).

We also offer our participants the opportunity to LEARN ONLINE with the same tutors that teach in our programs. Real programs with real people.

Volunteers Abroad

Amistad Abroad offers the perfect international volunteer experience, designed with flexibility, and individual attention in mind so we can meet your needs and interests. We have many diverse volunteer projects to choose from in different countries. Whether you want to help kids through teaching, take care of animals, or assist with conservation in amazing and beautiful places, you are sure to have a remarkable and memorable time in any project offered by Amistad Abroad.
We work in these areas: Teaching, Children, Community, Health, Ecology and Environment.

International Camps

Our International Camps are organized to bring people together from different parts of the world to establish positive links between different countries and cultures.
From the heart of the Oriental Hemisphere of Japan, to the Revered Ancient Inca Ruin Site of Machu Picchu in Peru; participants will travel to, and participate in interactive projects in specially designed locations. This will provide participants with an exceptional opportunity to explore cultures, share thoughts, languages, costumes and others that are different from their own.

Abroad Expeditions

If you are longing some excitement and more adventurous travel, an expedition abroad is an excellent option to be able to enjoy things differently. An Abroad Expedition provides a more genuine experience by combining trips to the usual well known tourist destinations in a country, with lesser known places few other travelers have the opportunity to visit. This amazing expedition is also more demanding and exciting because it includes an element of volunteer work as well. Being a conscientious tourist by volunteering on the country you visit enables you to give something back in an special manner, at the same time, you will be gaining an exceptional and privileged insight in to its people and culture.

Faculty Lead Programs (FLP)

Amistad Abroad is proud to offer faculty-led programs (formal arrangements between educational institutions and Amistad Abroad in which our organization offers logistical support, student services, classrooms, housing facilities and cultural activities at a location abroad, plus student medical insurances), using these kind of program enables institutions to conduct their own academic programs abroad at minimal expense.
Your institution maintains academic control over the students while abroad. Faculty from your college/university teach their curriculum abroad (with optional use of local adjunct professors), and the institution determines admission criteria and selects and enrolls students. The school retains tuition fees and students pay a non-academic program fee to Amistad Abroad.

Programs “A la Carte”

Customized programs provide value to participants and institutional partners by focusing on student support, quality college-level academics, enriching customized cultural programming, and guided weekend excursions.

"A la Carte”
Every program begins with an in-depth analysis of the sending organization´s needs for their time in the selected country. We like to first listen to what your ideal program would include then fill in the rest with our expertise and knowledge of the experiences.
Some organizations decide to send their own staff along to teach for-credit classes, others rely on the local faculty to do the teaching.
Customized programs can be of any length, partner with a variety of institutions, and include the activities that best fit your needs.  The options are endless!

All Hands In


The world needs understanding and respect for other cultures.

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