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Learn a language and Volunteer


La langue apprenant et le Volontaire

Sprachenerwerb und Freiwilliger

L'apprendimento delle lingue e Volontariato


Язык, изучающий и Доброволец

Learn Spanish abroad or online.

Beginner Level

Intermediate Level

General Goals:

  • Overcoming natural shyness to learn a new language

  • Understanding, confronting and resolving basic situations of daily life and work

  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing, mastering the grammatical structure of course work

  • Specific Objectives: Asking questions, responding, identifying, describing, writing and speaking of basic ‘things’. Knowing how to express likes and dislikes. Talking about activities in the immediate future tense.


Grammar: Grammatical sentence construction (interrogative, affirmative, negative) of the present tense. The indicative mode (regular, irregular, reflexive, etc.). Mastering the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar’. The verb ‘gustar’. Learning the near future tense. Actions undertaken. Adverbs. Prepositions.

General Goals:

  • Acquiring a mastery of oral and written verb tenses

  • Developing the ability to express complex situations

  • Mastering a conversation; being able to give views on current topics with a mixed temporal structure

  • Being able to talk easily with native speakers

  • Dealing with unexpected situations

  • Specific Objectives: Identifying, explaining, describing, writing about events in the past. Schedule future activities and likely future activities


Grammar: The past tense (simple past, imperfect and past perfect). Prepositions… Adverbs. Pronouns. Direct object, indirect and combinations. The future (simple and compound). The conditional (simple and compound). The indicative mood.

Superior Level

General Goals:

  • Apply oral and written grammatical structures of Spanish.

  • Mastering the Spanish language fluently.

  • Resolve any situation in daily life and work.

  • Specific Objectives: Write, critique, analyze, display, recognize and create different types of texts. Possessing a large vocabulary to understand and pilot a conversation.


Grammar: Textual structures (types of texts and contextual grammar). Linguistic coherence and cohesion. Spelling. Passive voice.

Spanish Online

Our online Spanish classes are based on interaction and communication, not memorization and repetition. We use communicative and task-based activities to teach grammar and vocabulary without having to give boring lectures or mindlessly turn pages of a language textbook.  

All online Spanish classes are conducted in real classrooms with real people.  We work with every student to develop a unique lesson plan based on that student´s level, goals and learning style.


Other language schools make you fit into their online Spanish program, we fit our Spanish program for you.

Advanced Level

General Goals:

  • Controlling vocabulary for increased understanding and having a conversation at an advanced level

  • Managing the oral and written grammatical structures of the course.

  • Being able to have a fluent conversation in Spanish.

  • Synthesizing, arguing and drawing conclusions

  • Overcoming difficulties – especially on the telephone


Specific Goals: Learning to ask, recommend, provide information, orders and suggestions in different situations and different places. Talking, discussing, analyzing, writing, narrating, planning activities. Being able to express goals and targets in the future, and speak eloquently on a variety of topics (culture, politics, economics). Being able to sit and conduct interviews of all kinds.


Grammar: The imperative mood (positive and negative). The subjunctive mood (present, imperfect, past tense and past perfect). The conditional ‘If’. Expressions of wishes, doubts etc. Application methods and different times.

Spanish “A la Carte”

We teach Spanish at all levels, varying from beginner to advanced.


Whether you want our standard Spanish lessons with a focus on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, linguistics or you want a structured and well developed Spanish conversation practice, we are able to adapt the lessons to your wishes and necessities!


We also give Spanish class for specific purposes, including Traveler Spanish, Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, Spanish for Psychologists, Spanish for Lawyers, Spanish for Spanish teachers, Spanish for teachers, Spanish for children and the DELE preparation courses- all for the same price!.


You can choose the intensity of your program, tailoring it to fit your schedule and your personal life!


We have several Spanish language packages to choose from.Your first one-hour lesson is free in all of our packages!.


All Hands In


The world needs understanding and respect for other cultures.

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